The Judge is proud of his extended family

3 generations
daughters, grandaughters, great grand daughters
just a portion of the clan!

Amanda (l)    Audrey (r)

grandsons Cody, Josh, Dusty

great granddaughter Addie turns 6!

great granddaughter Charlie
a/k/a "Hollywood"

 great granddaughter Mikayla

Mikayla is a Rangers baseball fan

Addie and Hudsons parents:  Josh and Erica

D.W. with mom Kelly, daddy Dusty, and new brother Ranger

daughter Joyce,   Mema Elaine,    granddaughter Amanda
together in Texas 3/2021

granddaughters Audrey and Amanda in 2003
Grandson Cody
US Navy veteran

sharing a moment with Miss Charlie

Addie and Hudson at Cracker Barrel

The Judge's parents in 1990

most of the family December 2023

my "Little Cherokee Maiden"
with Apache medicine man Danny
at a South Texas Pow-wow

great grandson Hudson

great grandson D.W.

D.W. and great-grandpa

Mikayla's parents:  Miranda and Cody

Charlie's parents:
and Blakely's too!  
granddaughter Audrey and daddy Dustin

daughter Joyce
(Josh, Dusty, Cody)

daughter Judy
(Audrey, Amanda)

Mema and Grandma in 2010
Grandma's 90th birthday party

Charlie introduces new little sister Blakely

Charlie and Blakely

All The Judge's children, grandchildren
and great grandchildren are card holding
members of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma

Hudson, Addie, Mom
Grandma Mimi, Grandma Joyce, Daddy, Casper the blowup ghost
Halloween 2022

The Judge's siblings in 1979

The Judge is a 50 year member of King Hirams Lodge founded by Paul Revere in 1793

cousin Kaylin


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